Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holy Macaroni (bar), Batman!

Macaroni Bar
4448, Boul. St-Laurent (Corner Mont-Royal)
Montreal, Qc
Metro: Mont-Royal


Hey Guys,

I'm sorry for taking so long between posts but I have a few lined up for you.

So I was hearing a lot about this "happening" place called Macaroni Bar from my friends who still go out lol.
Many had mentionned that they have Gnocci Poutine. 
So,way before Bufala, Macaroni Bar had it on their menu. This lead me to believe that they were current, and innovative. My sister and I couldn't wait to go.

The decor is stylish, modern with some great photo art found on columns throughout the restaurant. They picture a late 50's , early 60's pizzeria scene - a busy restaurant with patrons eating, discussing and so on...nobody's looking at the camera except for this cute pudgy boy. Love him :)

Although the decor was interesting, the place had a distressed feel to it..or rather a "clubbed in" feel.
Its a popular spot for 5 a 7 crowds, Friday and Saturday night crowds.  Although, for a Tuesday night, there were quite a lot of people.

The bar looked stocked. The bar maid - experienced. She was expertly whipping up some great looking drinks - Mojitos and such.  My Caesar was so good!

This place has some of the most attractive waitresses around and patrons to match.
I felt a little out of place...no tan...no platforms...no glamorous hair...no extra long legs..lol   
I got stuck in the rain....Shall I go on? I think not. Maybe it was model night.

The staff was polite, gracious and knowledgeable.

Now, the food...As appetizers we had :

-Braised Pork belly lollipops - I don't know how they did this..its tender braised meat shaped, into a little ball, battered, fried and placed on a stick. Unfortunately, although they looked so very interesting...they were so very over-fried. They tasted a little burnt. The sweet sauce which accompanied this dish was so-so.
They look great though, don't they? A for Art guys!

-Tuna Bomb which is tuna tartar mixed with tempura pieces that resembled Rice Crispies with a little spice. This was great! So tasty, crunchy and satisfying. We forgot about the picture for a sec and dug in..

-Arancini stuffed with aged cheddar and prosciutto, served with a side of tomato sauce. These were good . I don't have a pic...they just looked like Arancini.

The main:

My sis had veal stuffed ravioli served in a creamy mushroom sauce. Over all, this dish tasted great but her pasta was undercooked which kinda' ruined it for her.

I had ricotta and spinach stuffed Agnolotti with tomato-basil sauce. This was FANTASTIC. Why? because it reminded me of Italy. The tomato sauce was fresh and tasty - loved the fresh basil and best of all , they drizzled very fresh and fragrant olive oil underneath the pasta. The flavor of the olive oil just came through with every bite. My compliments to the Chef


They had a lot of interesting dessert choices but we went with the S'mores.
Ok...may I please be frank? (I imagine you all saying "YES! You may be frank")

This dessert was stupid...It frustrated me and when I'm frustrated I often call inanimate objects "stupid"  (even if that, in itself, is "stupid"..)

When it was presented to us we were so excited, especially about those great looking grilled marshmallows.

They weren't classic S'mores but that part is ok - you can be creative!
It was comprised of vanilla ice cream that tasted of nothing but sugar,   great looking grilled marshmallows that disappointingly tasted of nothing. It was like eating a picture of a dessert!
I was chewing slowly...trying to detect flavor...It looked so good though. It was a SHERADE!..
Then, there were these thin imitation graham wafers that ALSO tasted of nothing but sugar. They looked like Golden Grahams cereal. In fact I remember wishing that they were..
Then there were brownies. Those were fine.

They should have described this dish as follows...
S'mores - Brownies with sugar flavored ice cream, graham impostors and lightly grilled styrofoam.

The picture is deceiving eh?

Star Rating:
I give it 2 stars for food. It would have been a 1 but my pasta dish and the Tuna Bomb were very good.
So, out of 3 appetizers, only one was good and for our main, only one out of two were good.
The dessert - a big fat "0"!

However, I give it 3 stars for its vibrant lounge/club scene. - Note: Bring your tan-in-a-can.

In summary, I recommend this place for its lively 5 a 7 or weekend evening scene. You'll have fun for sure.
Great cocktails, fun dishes to snack on and beautiful people. Don't go there searching for dishes with depth. They're all about looks.

The End


  1. Thanks for visiting this place! I'd always been intrigued mostly because of the poutine gnocchi that I'd loved so much at Bufala (but which is a tad hard to get to), but never gave it much else of a glance. I'll probably keep passing by it now!

  2. I forgot to mention something very important - The price of drinks. I got a lot of feedback from Vanilla beaners who found that going there for drinks was waaayyy too pricey. I hear its almost 20 buckaroos for a mixed drink! That's crazy if you plan on spending your evening there.

    Obviously the food was too expensive considering the many dissapointments.