Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Featured Food: Cilantro

Featured Food : Cilantro – Parsley’s more interesting twin.

I've learned that quite a few of our Vanilla-Beaners aren't fans of Cilantro. What a cryin' shame

Cilantro looks exactly like Parsley except that its packed with flavor. Parsley is great too but can be a little bland.  I read somewhere that Cilantro's flavor is often simply described as "fresh" I'll also add that it has a smokeyness to it too. Its hard to describe.

Lovely Cilantro is most popular in Southwestern and Asian cuisines. I can't get enough of it..Cilantro milkshake anyone?? KIDDING! When you chop it, the smell makes your senses come alive! Try it, chop some, you'll see.
It adds that needed "je ne sais quoi" many dishes including Guacamole - (not  the armpit “je ne sais quoi” – that’s Cumin hehe - many people confuse Cilantro with Cumin because they, uh, both start with the letter "C" and are both common in Mexican cuisine but they could not be more different!!)

Its best eaten fresh, uncooked, chopped and added to a dish as garnish. Use it in tuna salad, in any mexican dish as garnish or top an asian stir-fry with it (with some sprinkled lime juice).

Fun fact : Cilantro is a member of the carrot family!

Health info and other facts

I've learned that Cilantro seems to have some very interesting, super health benefits. For example, it's been shown to rid the body and blood of excess metals including lead and aluminum. I don't know where we aquire lead....but I want it out!

It also helps the body beat and prevent many bacterial and viral infections!

Cilantro gets major recognition for diabetic support too. In fact, Cilantro is known in some parts of Europe as the "anti-diabetic plant." In parts of India, it is renowned for its anti-inflammatory benefits and in the United States it is said to lower cholesterol.

Also, a compound found within Cilantro is twice as effective as the commonly used antibiotic "Gentamicin" - which is used to kill the Salmonella bacteria! Yes, you read correctly!

Hang on!!.... there's more....
  • Helps improve digestion and intestinal discomfort ( relieves intestinal gas - woohoo! )
  • Helps treat symptoms of arthritis
  • Protection against urinary tract infections
  • Helps prevent and treat nausea - much like Ginger, which happens to be very good friends with Cilantro!  
  • A good source of dietary fiber
  • A good source of magnesium, and iron
  • Rich in phytonutrients and flavonoids (they help fight free radicals in the body - which means this herb has nutrients that help fight certain cancers)
  • Known to reduce excess mercury in the body  - now you can eat Tuna! In fact, eat tuna with cilantro!
Have a great day guys and please give this herb a chance!


  1. I love Cilantro!! I love marinating my chicken in it with lemon... and then off to teh grill!! Mmmmmm

    Thanks for the tips Steph! ;)

  2. Cilantro? I don’t care about Cilantro!!!! What is she thinking?

  3. Can't say that I ever purchased it... Shame on me... But I will!!! The idea of a marinade for chicken sounds very interesting.

    Thanks for the tip!
    Oh and by the way, lead is accumulated from eating certain fish who absorb it from the polluted waters they swim in. :(