Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mundo Trattoria (My home away from home)

Mundo Trattoria
17003 Rte. Trans-Canada
Kirkland, QC

I've been working hard, making pie crust (lol) and all sorts of things and I haven't reviewed the restaurant which is the most special to me! It’s my home away from home. I first went to Mundo's and was seduced by the food about 8 years ago and I haven't stopped going since!

Our friend Vito, the chef and owner of Mundo's is somewhat of a celeb in the West Island these days. Apart from his exquisite Italian food, people go there to see him in action and I can definitely understand why. He's passionate, hilarious, and he makes every single customer feel special. He'll remember your name and what you ordered the last time you were there! lol...If he doesn't remember your name, he'll remember something about you - its almost a certainty.

This beautiful restaurant has a modern and elegant feel. The floor-to-ceiling dark, brown velvet curtains accentuate the lofty ceiling. The colors are earthy, much like its sister restaurant, Bufala. There is an open-concept kitchen , where you can watch the chefs do their thing...and, sometimes, hear what's going on! (a la Gordon Ramsey). It can be quite entertaining :) During the warmer months you can take your cocktails outside to Mundo's outdoor lounge and enjoy the weather. You'll find a few couches and coffee tables placed on wonderful faux grass. It's beautiful; relaxing, almost back yard feel, but chic back However my two favorite things about the look of this restaurant are the glass wine cellar, it towers to the ceiling - a major focal point and I love the pictures hanging, framed above the kitchen's opening. These pictures feature some of the most stunning and celebrated Italian sites! I often sit there, admiring those pictures, imagining myself there - drinking my prosecco and eating my plate of Mundo's pasta. ahhh....  :)

Like many of Mundo's patrons, I often chose to host my events there. My engagment, for one, was gorgeous and the food was delicious. I could not have asked for more. They even helped me plan the event.
I knew I could trust them to take care of my guests and of course I trusted them to serve supreme food.

Now for the food...My favorite appetizers are ..The Melanzane fritti, which means fried eggplants litterally. They are actually more like patties of eggplant, breadcrumbs, cheese (I'm guessing. He won't give me his secret recipe). The consistancy is more like a meatball. They are usually served with a creamy Gorgonzola sauce..mmm I can taste it now..I've also had them with tomato sauce. That's the way Mundo's served them way back when. The grilled octopus is another favorite - tender pieces of grilled octopus served on arugula salad with a olive oil and balsamic dressing.  The muscles marinara are so tasty....If you order this, you and everyone around you will be dipping their bread in the sauce! Its that good.

For my main...He has many pasta dishes which are always available and I'm happy to say that you will seldom find your typical spagetti in tomato sauce. Many of the pasta dishes are original and always tasty. I've had the Black (squid ink) tagliatelli with seafood and fruity green peppercorns in a light, creamy sauce. You've gotta try it..Don't think of the squid ink! It was heavenly - I wouldn't lie to you!
I've enjoyed the manicotti with tomato and buttercream sauce.. mmmm I'm getting hungry..
A Mundo's regular on the menu is the braised lamb shank. Its braised meaning its melt-in-your-mouth tender.

What I like about Mundo's is that their table d'hôte changes often and they aren't afraid to try new flavors and be innovative. I'm always excited to see what's new. Lately they've had a dish of stuffed peppers and eggplant. Holy Toledo! It was good...real comfort food.

Staff is always friendly and attentive and when they get to know you, they can be quite funny.

You have to give Mundo's a try and when you do - tell me what you thought!

PS: Coffees are fantastic - always! We love you Vito!!!

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