Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update on Bufala Pizzoteca

Hello all, (Check out my first review of this restaurant before reading this one)

Gnocci Poutine

I went back to Bufala this past Friday. Some family members wanted to try it out so I happily tagged along. I took more pictures of the food and decided to share them with you.

My Dad had the Grilled Sardines which are not pictured here. He loved them! You can kinda' see them in back of  the Carpaccio in the first pic. The Mac n' Cheese pictured below blew me away! It was rich, creamy and the truffle flavor was subtle. Sometimes truffle oil flavor can totally take over with a dish - but not in this case :) It's not normally on the menu. It was the special that evening. It was popular so maybe he'll add it to the menu or at least feature it more often.

When the dishes arrived to our table, everyone wanted to dig right in but I yelled, "STOOOOOOOOOP!!! I must take pictures for my blog before we attack!!" So my family patiently waited, salavating, while I positionned the plates and snapped away. I didn't take a picture of my cousin's four cheese pizza for some reason. Anyway, it was amazing! One of the cheeses used is Gorgonzola. Again, the flavor of the Gorgonzola was not overpowering. Many pleople at the table aren't fans of this cheese but agreed that on this pizza
it just works!

We had the Nutella Pizza again for dessert and this fantastic warm banana bread. I definitely recommend both!

Check out my original review of this resturant for the address and phone number!

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Mac n' Cheese with Truffle oil

Potato Pizza

Crispy ham and Wild Mushroom Pizza

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