Monday, November 2, 2009

Need pie crust tips!!!


I've been trying to make a proper pie crust 2 weekends in a row now. Its hard!
Does anyone have any no fail recipes or some great tips , passed on from generations or something?
The one I made this weekend almost came out right but when I rolled it out and tried to put it in my pie dish it fell apart. So I did some patching and so on...It didn't work out that well. My pie didn't have an was bumpy and just plain ugly. As a matter of fact it was even uglier when first assembled. My boyfriend was laughing and laughing..I had thrown the apples into the pie dish because I was so eager to put the top crust on. Anyways, the apples were uneven in the dish so when I put the top crust on, there was his big mound on one side. It was funny, you had to be there. I flattened the pie, crust on.

Here's a picture of my ugly - but tasty pie with a forkful taken out of it. I couldn't wait!! It was really good!!
3rd times a charm??


  1. Hi, boy, that is an ugly looking pie crust. Well, I have a tip for you, why not buy a ready made pie crust - much easier...hope this helps

  2. ya thanks Li. I appreciate the tip..*rolls eyes*
    I've almost reached that point. I made two other pie crusts this weekend and they weren't that great...