Monday, November 2, 2009

Bufala Pizzoteca

Restaurant Bufala Pizzoteca
18425, Rue Antoine -Faucon
Pierrefonds, QC

My new obsession, Bufala in the West Island is THE place to go for Pizza! The very talented chef, my friend Vito has done it again. Although I haven't reviewed his flagship restaurant, Mundo yet, I was just too excited about this new place that I just couldn't review them in order!

Trattoria Mundo review to come! Didn't forget about you!

Bufala just opened last week and I've already been there twice..Wednesday and this past Friday!

For Vito fans, the restaurant is located in Mundo's previous location. The street Antoine-Faucon is right off St-Charles Boul. You'll have to drive down quite a bit and through a residential area to get to the restaurant. Don't worry you're not lost (everyone always thinks that they got off course somehow).

The look of the restaurant is modern with clean lines. The colors are vivid and earthy. I love the mini-tile that lines the back  wall. There's a large open kitchen which takes up almost the length of the restaurant. People love watching the chefs do their thing.  Its a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere where you can dress down, bring the kids but you can still order a great bottle of wine.

The menu lists a wide range of appetizers which everyone loves. It seems like people these days, maybe because of the Tappas scene,  love to order a bunch of appetizers and share with friends. Well, you can definitely do that at Bufala! My favorite appetizers so far include the Gnocci poutine...yes ...Gnocci poutine! Its fantastic. Like my aunt Melina would say, I wanted to roll around on the floor, it was so good!!! The gnocci are fried so they have a wonderful crispy exterior and soft interior. The gravy is light and flavorful and they use real Quebec cheese curds. It is heaven! I think about it every day since then!! Oh my, I have issues lol.I shared with  my fiance Andre both times that I went because I wanted to have some poutine and  another appetizer. Next time though...I'm ordering the poutine for myself..Andre was a little selfish with this dish..but who wouldn't be :)
I also tried the Grilled Caesar Salad. Its a whole heart of romaine lettuce, gently grilled on the exterior. The caesar dressing is drizzled overtop with shavings of parmigian cheese. The interior leaves were crunchy, the dressing was just right.  They also have grilled calamari, fried calamari served with wasabi mayo and a little soy drizzled on the plate, Sicilian rice croquettes, called Arancini and seared tuna salad, just to name a few.

You won't find your regular, run of the mill all dressed pizza at Bufala..Don't fret, the selection of pizzas are a refreshing change. The crust is pretty thin and crispy. There is one size that's big enough to share between two people if you each have an appetizer. You'll find potato and onion pizza, crispy ham mushroom and artichoke pizza, prosciutto and arugula pizza and so many more! They also have Panzerotties which are kind of closed or stuffed pizzas, with fillings such as rappini and cheese, sausage...uhhh I forgot the last one...sorry.

Dessert...Honestly I'm sure all the desserts are great BUT guess what they have at this snazzy pizza joint??? Nutella and Bannana Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! OMG! Need I say more? Didn't think so.

My cappucino was great by the way.

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  1. hi my name is Pietro

    I when this past saturday to bufala, i was amazed by the gnocchi poutine witch by the way it was out of this world. i had the chance to met some of the staff very kind people by the way and what cant i say about the chef the one and the only inventor of the gnocchi poutine. I definitely gonna go back