Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Gazette - Westin Hotel - Old Montreal

This is my first negative review - I do not enjoy this.

I know what you're thinking, why when there's so many wonderful restaurants in Montreal would you choose to go to a Hotel Restaurant? Well, I'm getting married soon and was looking into having the reception in one of their beautiful banquet halls. I had to sample the food. I had read some reviews on the restaurant, as a matter of fact the Gazette (newspaper) food critic gave it one star...Uhhh, I was discouraged but I wanted to taste for myself.

I went with Bianca, her boyfriend Alex and of course my fiance Andre.

We shared the cold cut plate to start. The selection of local cheeses was great. I think we've got to have some of the best cheese here in Quebec.  Now that I'm exploring new restaurants I'm excited when I see local foods on the menu or when chefs put a new twist on classic Quebec dishes.
Ok now..back to the Westin. I wish I would have noted the names of the cheeses - but hey! I'm new at this.The cold cuts consisted of a few slices of salami and sopresatta. There was a small pile of olive tapenade and a smear of an unidentifed white sauce :D. It tasted cheesy with a lemony note.

The bread was good..lol

I had the calamari to start. They were small fried rings with a remulade sauce. The breading was cornmeal based. Very crispy and tender.
My sister had the lobster bisque, she really liked it. It was creamy and a beautiful orange color. At the bottom of the bowl, she found a few pieces of Lobster hiding there and a toasted piece of country bread that soaked up the sauce beautifully and was surprisingly still crunchy. Satifying.
Alex had the Tuna sashimi which was a little bland, served with dry crab cakes.
Andre ordered the sausage - too sweet! Alex liked it though, but it was really nothing special.

Mains - I had, I believe, the best thing on that menu. I had the pasta with mushroom sauce and tender braised cubes of meat..It was a thick beefy, mushroom stew with angnoletti pasta.Comforting. I enjoyed this very much. Bianca had the duck. She thought duck leg was good but the breast was tough..It was served with a sweet sauce and fresh figs. The figs were a nice touch and a great match.
Alex and Andre both had the pork because the description on the menu made it sound fabulous. It was pork loin , with chick pea and cider something or other...Anyway, they were both so disappointed. The meat was tough and it wasn't nearly as tasty as it sounded.

Not even the dessert saved the experience..we all had the molten chocolate cake...it was plain Jane.

The wine selection was great! We had a white - Cake Bread from Cali. Must try!
The decor was drab - so corporate lookin and it was too bright. The bar was nice but nobody was sitting at it.

Sorry Westin, I love your Hotels but overall, I didn't like this restaurant enough to go back or to have my reception there. Gotta be honest, eh?

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