Sunday, October 18, 2009


5357, Avenue du Parc
Montréal, Québec
H2V 4G9  Canada

Went to Milos on Parc Ave. in Montreal with Andre, my fiancé. We didn't feel like hitting the trendy St-Laurent scene, we were feeling low-key. Anyways, are we ever glad we went! It had been so long.

BTW booked our reservation using my Open Table application on my Iphone. Its the best. You choose your restaurant, the date, number of people and the time. It gives you the options for times available etc.. In some cases you can view the restaurant's menu..Fantastic. You get a confirmation of your reservation by e-mail and all.

The service was great, as usual - very attentive. We ordered the Milos special which can be shared with 2 or 4 people. Its comprised of fried, paper thin, crispy zucchini and eggplant slices served in the form of a tower, with tzaziki in the middle...the tower was surrounded by small pieces of saganaki cheese. I found that they were skimpy on the saganaki and didn't have that great ouzo flavor that the saganaki has at Vegera...Oh well, it was still good :D

We ordered vodka martinis with Olives- a little dirty...They were absolutley perfect! We've had them at lots of places where they have royally messed it up. I gave my compliments to the Bartender...You should always praise good service/quality etc...

For our main , André had the 8oz filet mignon. It was tasty and cooked perfectly. He likes his filet mignon medium rare. (I tasted it and it was really good. You could tell the meat was of superior quality) I ordered the warm lobster salad and it was great. They may have been skimpy on the saganaki but they were not skimpy on the Lobster.I couldn't finish it. It was served with arugula, radiccio and endive. The endive gives the salad a slight bitter taste. I enjoyed it but beware of this if you don't enjoy endive. It affects the taste of the whole salad.

We ended our wonderful meal off with Greek style doughnut holes covered in warm honey! They were magnificent. They were like puffy balls of dough, so light and crispy! I was about to order the half portion to share with Andre because we were trying to be reasonable. YEAH RIGHT!! That didnt' happen but we didn't care..

More to come...I'll be reviewing some of my favorite restaurants in Montreal and NYC!

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