Tuesday, October 20, 2009

David Burke Townhouse

133 East 61st Street
(Park and Lexington Avenues)
New York, NY 10021

David Burke Townhouse, previously David Burke and Donatella. What can I say about this restaurant besides the fact that if this restaurant were a man, I would be totally head over heels ,madly in love with him. He'd be cultured, intelligent, elegant, romantic, fun, beautiful and he'd know how to dance - Fred Astaire style ;)

I never miss an opportunity to go there when in New York. As a matter of fact, I make my reservations waaaay ahead of time to ensure that I get a table. I've been several times in the past few years and just recently this past July and again in September. In July they announced that they were "updating their menu"..I almost died. I told the nice waiter not to change things up too much. Don't fix what ain't broke, ok?? When I returned in September, fingers crossed, I was so pleasantly surprised. The updates were positive...all the really great stuff was still there.

Ok..ok I'll get down to the food/ambiance/wine/service..

The manager (I think he was a manager) was great! While we waited for our table he chatted with us and by the time our table was ready, we were laughing like good friends - sharing some racy jokes and so on. If you know my fiance, Andre, you'll understand.

Anyway, the type of cuisine is modern American, incorporating many different worldly flavors, yet everything still tastes familiar somehow. I like familiar with a twist! I think that's why its so popular.

The best appetizers were the following. My mom had the pretzel crusted crab cakes , MY GOD! it was great. My mom's a bit of a picky eater and she loved it. She kept repeating how great it was...over and over. It had a crunchy exterior and tender flaky and moist interior. I had the warm quail salad. I originally regretted ordering this because I had never had quail. I was so glad I did though. The salad had a generous portion of grilled quail, with sliced mango and other greens...Everyone agreed that I had chosen the best appetizer. Andre must have had fois gras - but I can't remember the details as I am not a fan. There were no complaints coming from over there. I'm also someone who concentrates on what I'm eating...I don't talk , I don't listen much ...until someone says "wanna try this?"

For my main I had the braised short ribs with home made cavatelli. T'was an elegant twist on comfort food. The Lobster Steak is great too. Must try.
My dad and Andre shared a huge....and I mean huge steak. It is meant to be shared, they weren't being wimpy. lol...This meat was tasty, tasy, tasty, slow cooked and meltingly tender. The restaurant has a new carving station, perfect for mamouth sized steaks like this. It reminded me of the Flinstones..and coronaries.

We prefer white wine these days particularly Californian. The wine which the sommelier recommended was a Bergstrom , Sigrid 2006. This was a serious wine. It was fruity&amd buttery. That's the way I like it. The Sommelier happened to be a very friendly and witty guy! He gave us the wine label when I said that we loved the wine. Nice guy :)

For dessert I always have the lollipop cheesecake tree...BUT ...they had something new this time, on their updated menu. Its an interactive dessert...There were doughnut holes on this tree stand kinda' thing.... The doughnut holes were sprinkled with sugar. They provide you with three sauces in these cute little squeeze bottles so that you can stuff your own doughnut!!!!! Chocolate sauce, vanilla and raspberry....We were going crazy stuffing them with raspberry AND chocolate..or vanilla AND raspberry..lol..You get the picture...Seriously, we had fun with this dessert and when you can enjoy a dessert for the taste and have fun while eating it..it makes it that much better.

The decor is elegant with a quirky twist. I say this because there's a kinda' egg , Humpty Dumpty theme but its subtle. My sister, the artist in our family loved the artwork in the restaurant. Really different! It must sound weird but it isn't. Check out their web site to see what it looks like.

That's all for now.

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