Tuesday, October 20, 2009

STK - Meatpacking District

26th Little West, 12th street, New York
NY 10014

Hey Everyone!

As a Montrealer, I have to say that we are spoiled here. We have great food in our city.
In New York, which I call Montreal on steroids, there are some GREAT high-end restaurants. In my opinion where Montreal wins out over NYC, is in its Moderately priced restaurants..When in New York , I'm always so disappointed with these restaurants. And on the low-end, meaning Diners and Fast food, we're about the same....ok..maybe we're still better! No smoked meat?? What's up with that!!??

With that said, I thought I'd review a new favorite of mine. If you're planning a trip to NYC and are looking for fun times with great food and service - STK is the place for you! This fantastic Supper Club is located in the trendy Meatpacking District, at 26 Little 12th street, New York 646.624.2444

First, I have to say that the DJ was amazing. I love the 80's and he was playing THE best of the 80's - songs I forgot about, songs that make you wanna dance. From dance to rock , they even played the Stones! I was dancing in my seat the whole night- singing along. The music was on the loud side but you have to expect that with this place. This was Saturday, Sept 19th 2009.

The atmosphere is modern and chic. The bar was striking and very unique. The wall behind it was covered in what looked like elephant tusks. It was definitely the focal point of the restaurant. The people are beautiful.

Ok now for the food! The bread... individually baked, served in its baking dish, piping hot, soft with course salt sprinkled over it..The herbed oil that it was served with was so light but tasty. I couldn't quite identify what herbs were used but I plan to begin testing, to make it myself. Honestly, I would have been satisfied with just that as my meal. My sister, Bianca agrees. She'd go back just for the bread!

André ordered the fois gras french toast, with green apple and almond brioche as a starter. He was blown away by the flavor, the texture. He said it is the best he's had in his life! Now that's saying something. He still talks about it. My sister and I had the Lil' Big Macs with Japanese wagyu special sauce on a sesame seed bun! They were incredible and the presentation was great too, complete with McDonald's style sliced pickles :) I crave this all the time!

I had tried the Rice Crispy Shrimp. Tiger prawns - shrimp bisque - cilantro. The dish was really interesting. Dry rice crispies topped with Shrimp, then the waiter pours the sauce over and of course the rice crispies start to snap, crackle and pop! Cute..The taste was great with the cilantro and the sauce and all but the rice crispies got soggy fast :( boo-hoo.

As my main I had the filet mignon and so did André. The meat was cooked to perfection. Medium for me - Medium rare for André. The meat was so tender it melted in my mouth- out of this world.

Last but not least, STK has a variety of exciting and uncommon desserts. They have Cotton Candy - flavors vary. I had pink cotton candy with sour sprinkles. It was served with a candied apple. Fair food! Made me feel like a kid again but it had an elegant twist. I also had warm chocolate s'more - peanut butter - marshmallow - graham. Totally decadent!!! Like heaven in your mouth..lol... Next time I'm going to try the peanut butter & jelly sundae with nutella - caramelized banana - grape preserves.

My usual Martini with olives - a little dirty was so well done! YAY!

I can't wait to go back!

Watch out for my next NYC restaurant review - David Burke Townhouse!

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