Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Canyon Southwest Cafe - Florida Southwest Cafe
1818 e. Sunrise Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, Fl
954 765 1950

I'm always up for trying new restaurants. Canyon's in Fort Lauderdale serves up sophisticated and modern Southwest cuisine - some of the best I've ever eaten.  I love the flavors and its so unfortunate that Southwestern isn't that popular in Montreal like it is in the US.

Move over Bobby Flay! (I'm serious)

Now, these guys absolutely, under no circumstances take reservations. They are well worth the wait and I'd do it again week after week. 
Both times we went, we were told that there is a 40 minute wait but I did not wait for more than 25 minutes. Here at Canyon, it's small and packed with a hip atmosphere. They have a crowded or "cozy" bar area (as it is affectionately described), where patrons often enjoy the signature drink The Prickly Pear Margarita. Prickly Pears are Cactus Pears - Google 'em. Anyway, I loved it! It was fuity and pink with that salty/sour rim.  This nice couple walked in - looked like regulars - They started some small talk with us and urged us to try this drink! They ordered two at a time for themselves...yes, they had 4 Prickly Pear Margaritas for themselves at one, we tried them..Geez, they must be good!!  and ...just 'cause they're pink and fruity doesn't mean that its exclusively a girly drink. All the men were having one too! There's tequila in there you know ;)

The cuisine is modern southwestern with asian, south + central american influences.

We tried a variety of dishes since we went there twice..:)

As appetizers we had the :
-Blue Corn fried Oysters with Cilantro Cream - Only the interiors were served, no shell They were breaded with blue corn flour - crispy and the cilantro cream just added to the wonderful, light "new" flavor.
-Sweet and Spicy Calamari with thai honey dressing- they were great. The sweet and salty flavor, with a hint of Thai inspired spice!
-Finally...the best thing on the menu!! Comal Grilled Red Chile Chicken Tostada with grilled chicken, goat cheese crumbles, caramelized Bermuda onion , all topped with baby arugula, avocado, serrano chile, white truffle crema! OH!!!!! The flavors were so distinct, so clear! It was a real party in my mouth! The goat cheese and arugula, the sweetness of the onion , the cool avocado..all served on a crispy corn had everything you would want in a dish -  incredible guys.

Some great main courses:

Beef Tenderloin Tip Burrito , very tender- with red chili sauce, red pepper, mushroom, Bermuda onions and Mozzarella.
Comal Grilled Black Florida Grouper, served with swiss chard and potato mash, Chipotle cherry tomato chutney.
and finally, there's always someone in my gang who orders the Filet mignon and as usual, it did not dissapoint! - served with poblano pesto (ai-ya ya!) , goat cheese, zinfandel sauce, micro cilantro chive potato. 
     *ai-ya ya - A Mexican exclamation of glee 

We had a side of Yucca sticks. Yucca is a veggie that has a similar texture to a potato. So it was kinda' like Yucca fries. I had never had them before and they were a great change- They were just a little more firm than potato fries.

We didn't have dessert because we really overate but next time I go I will surely have the Chocolate Bread Pudding..can you imagine??

Enjoy Canyon guys!

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