Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Barton G. The Restaurant

Barton G. The Restaurant
1427 West Avenue
Miami Beach, FLA
(305) 672-8881

Now....This was a fun place! In fact, it was so fun, we went twice.
Barton G has a vibrant bar scene so make sure to have a drink while you wait for your table! You'll most surely have to wait a little because this place is packed every night including Monday and Tuesday..they never rest.

At Barton G. you'll find partons of all ages, from young, hot and single to couples and even some families with kids. However, don't let the fact that there are a few families with children give you the impression that place is not "happening". It is! I don't know why but it does not affect the vibe at all!!  This ain't no TGI Fridays! The food is exquisite and the atmosphere is hip.

The menu is extensive including a really interesting cocktail list including their signature Sub-Zero Martinis. The cocktail arrives with "smoke" billowing out of it, like dry ice. The martini itself is partially frozen so its not like regular ice...its the alcohol that's actually frozen so it stays really cold 'til the very end and your drink never tastes watered down - Must try!

The menu items have interesting names...they intregued me so much that I wanted to order everything! For example...the "Disco Grouper" or the "Lobster Pop-tarts". Then, when we got our orders, we realized that it wsn't only the names that were special..Check this out:

The lobster and cheese pop-tarts were served in a toaster - cute, eh? They were excellent.
Lobster and Gruyere in a lovely flakey crust, served with a trio of sauces - Hallandaise, Brandy Tarragon and Lemon Caper.

My Disco Grouper. It was pan seared black grouper with sweet curry and brioche panade, sauteed arugula, cherry tomatoes and grilled Honshimiji mushrooms...There were actually different colored lights under the dish , giving it a disco look :)


So not only do the dishes served at Barton G look good and sound good, they taste even better!

My fish was tasty and perfectly cooked..the next time I went I had filet mignon and it was perfect too. I got a little gravy boat shaped like a so cute. Oh, they had a great wine list too! You can't pass up the chance to try this place. You'll have a blast.

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